Rabea Ridlhammer (Germany, 1990, based in Rotterdam) has a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. In 2015 she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, where she co-founded and organized various exhibitions and events at the illusive artist-run-space bunker0621. Her research-based work often results in wearable items, videos or printed matter, thus extending beyond writing. She has just finished her MA of Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute.


    2016 - 2018        MA of Art Praxis
                       Dutch Art Institute, Artez, Arnhem

    2011 - 2015        Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
                       Department of Graphic Design (BA in Art and Design)
                       Department of Fine Arts (2011-2012)
    2010 - 2011        Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
                       Foundation Year
    2008               Scholarship for Summeracademy of the
                       “Deutsche Schüler Akademie”
    2007 - 2008        Highschool semester in the U.S.
                       Carl Junction High School, Carl Junction, Missouri

    1998 - 2010        Freie Waldorfschule, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
                       Abitur, 2010

Practical Experience

    2015 - 2018        Shop Managment and Review Writing at Do You Read Me, Berlin

    2015 - 2016        Gallery Assistant at Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin

    2015               Scholarship for a Residency at the Summeracademie of the
                       International Summerfestival at Kamnagel in Hamburg

    2014 - 2015        Start of the curatorial collaboration “bunker 0621”
                       in Amsterdam (with Nickie Sigurdson and Viktor Nystrom)

    2014               Organization of a small pop-up exhibition coinciding and in 
                       response to the Berlin Gallery Weekend at Transformer
                       Berlin, collaboration with Polina Vasilieva

    2014               Participation in the Berlin/Rietveld Program, a temporary  
                       relocation of the 2nd year Graphic Design          

    2012               Assisting and participation in the performance 1€ Blinky
                       Market by Surasi Kusolwong during the exhibition The Future
                       That Was, curated by Gabriel Lester at New Art Space

    2012               Participation in the photography project Exactitudes by Ari
                       Verluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek

Selected Group Shows / Events / Lectures / Screenings

    2018               Screening of “A Piece of Dada” at FLAM, basis for Live Art,

    2018               Lecture in the Public Program of“Everything But Facial,”
                       De Punt, Amsterdam

    2017               Public Reading at“Why Is Everybody Being So Nice: The Power
                       Nap,” Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

    2017               Collective Installation and Performative Intervention at  
                       “Becoming More” (A 10-day Caucus), Van Abbe  
                       Museum/Designhuis Eindhoven
                       As part of the course “Deviant Practice” led by Nick Aikens,
                       at the Dutch Art Institute

    2017               “A.I.pocalypse”, video work with Agata Ciesklak,
                       “Degrees of Freedom - Human, Robot and the Medium of
                       Automation,” as part of the course “In Dialogue with 
                       Robotics” led by Bassam el Baroni, at the Dutch Art
                       Institute, Designhuis, Eindhoven

    2016               Residency and Publication at “Extraordinary Life Center,”
                       PLX Temporär Konsthall, Malmö

    2014               Collective Exhibition, “And the Rest is... History,”
                       Eight Cubic Meters, Amsterdam

    2014               “Weekender,” Vriend van Bavink: Project Space, Amsterdam

    2014               Poster as part of the collection of “The Perfect Human”
                       by Henk Groenendijk, displayed at Brno Biennial, Brno

    2014               Spiritual Rebirth, “Spiritual Bunker,”
                       bunker0621, Amsterdam

    2013               “Weekend in Ersatz,” San Seriffe, Amsterdam

    2013               “The Cave,” Amstel 41, Amsterdam
    2012               “What a Feline,” Lost Property, Amsterdam